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Time is Money

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Time is Money measures the time spent (or used, if you like) in a meeting.
The idea for the app came during a meeting, of course. People tends to forget about the time, but to remember about the money. Especially the bosses I had in my daytime worklife.
To use the program, simply set the data and press start.
Read the money spent in the currency you use normally, and use the same currency for Mean Salary.
You can pause the meeting with Pause button. Pressing Start from pause will restart the money count.
Stop button will stop the meeting, so you can check (and show) the money spent during it.
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You don't need to leave the application running during the meeting. You're free to quit it at will (say, to answer a phone call, or for a quick game) and the application will recover its state (evaluating the time spent while not running) at the restart.
The application will mark with a '1' badge the fact that a meeting is running.
Please, don't be too serious about the application. Overall, it's a joke. Remember it and have fun!