Try again. Fail again. Fail better. (S. Beckett)

Official support (and an official server) for nabaztags is back. Coniglio is back too!
The version you'll find on the App Store uses the server, so you will have to register your rabbit to this server.
You will have to reconfigure the bunny with the APIKEY you will find on the new server. The application uses the new API and it's not deeply tested, should work but, please, notify me of any problem you will find!
As before, this application works only on Nabaztags. I'm working on a Karotz version, just don't hold your breath. :)
Coniglio for OpenJabNab
Is open source. I published the code of Coniglio to GitHub with a MIT license. You can freely fork it and use it. The version I published is able to link to API, so if you're using a OpenJabNab server (in which case I strongly suggest to use it should work for you. To check OPenJabNab, if you can speak a little French, go ahead to ojnwiki and register your nabaztag to one of the OpenJabNab server around the world.
I'm not publishing this one directly on App Store because I could not afford the needed support in this new, fragile server situation.
I'm available for help, in any case… just write me!
If you have a Nabaztag/tag and an iPhone/iPod Touch or an iPad Coniglio will be the program you were waiting to get the most from your Nabaztag.
Coniglio do not move ears but does the useful things a Nabaztag should do.
Coniglio means, in Italian, what Nabaztag means in Armenian: Bunny.
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Send Messages (also recording it, now!)

You can send messages to your Nabaztag from your iPhone/iPod Touch.
As you like:
you can directly record your voice and send the message to the Nabaztag;
or you can choose the voice (and the language of the voice) for the message and send it from the written text.
Wherever you are (with Internet access, of course).

Awake and Send to Sleep your bunny

You can send to sleep (or awake) your bunny from the program. This can be very useful and handy... you know, there are times in which you don’t want to ear your rabbit. And times where you feel alone...

Facebook Status

Unfortunately, the tts support of the "new" API do not work in the same way as the previous API incarnation. At the moment, the facebook functionality is disabled. I hope to restore it as soon as possible.
The application connects to Facebook (via Facebook Connect) and reads the status of your friends with the selected voice (and language). This feature requires a Facebook account, of course. Login to Facebook on the preferences page and click on the Facebook icon on the main page to read the status. The program will read the new status messages with a maximum of 12.
Beware that sometimes in my tests the Violet's servers lost some of messages sent.

Listen to webradio (as an alarm-clock too!)

The program can make your rabbit tune to every MP3 feed on the Internet. It is preconfigured with a list of radio. But you can configure any additional radio to the list (or delete the radios you don't like).
You can also have the radio start at the date and time you want! Wake yourself with the sound of your preferred radio for free.
I still thinks that Radio Paradise is the best Internet Radio (and it's on the preconfigured radio list, of course).
PS: take note that the alarm-clock depends on MANY internet services to be alive and kicking at the time you want... Always have a backup alarm, just in case!

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